Any of you guys ever heard a Redstar Havok HK212 'cause I haven't, but I bought it anyway. I'm tired of lugging a 4x12 cabinet around to small gigs and band practice in my buddy's basement and I saw quite a few of you guys have 212 cabs. I've heard good things about these cabs. I was able to pick up a demo from Redstar for $299+shipping which seemed like it barely covers the cost of the materials. Made in the USA, Eminence Pro drivers, a tough Rhino Liner coating instead of tolex and it has handles on the top edges. I play a VHT UL and a XXX. Seemed like it might be a good match for those. If it totally sucks I'll use it as a durable ottoman/coffee table for my studio. Win? Serious fail? Haha.. I'll post a review when it gets here.

Here's the ad..
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Looks like a pretty well built cab. Not sure I would like the speakers though. A key thing with 2x12's is getting one that is deep in measurement so you can get a big sound out of it. This one looks to be 17' deep, which is huge. Many are only 12' deep if you look around more.

I'm currently looking at an Avatar Contemporary 2x12 which is basically an Orange copy. Its 15' deep so thats good. Plus speakers of my choice, 1 Vintage 30 and 1 Hellatone 60.
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They are apparently very great cabinets. They even post the build pics on their site...which actually shows a lot...most companies wont because of the crap build quality...but RedStar is very transparent in their practices so far....
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I spoke with Michael at Redstar today. He called to verify my order. One heck of a nice guy and just as interested in great guitar tone as he is selling cabinets. I sure like doing business with real people. He was familiar with UG! I'm looking forward to trying out this new cab.
Hey Bob, got any feedback???? Im sure youve plugged in by now??

How will this compare to a Vader cab for metal??

Both 4x12 around the same price. But damn the redstar looks much better quality
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Hey Bob, got any feedback???? Im sure youve plugged in by now??

How will this compare to a Vader cab for metal??

Both 4x12 around the same price. But damn the redstar looks much better quality

Yeah I finally hooked it up. Short version.. this thing is awesome!

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do the communist make guitar cabs? thats pretty awsome... DO WANT

The cab is 100% USA made in Texas and yes.. there is a big red star right on the front. It's just plain weird. The company's name is Redstar Audio so it's understandable why it's there, but I'm going to peel it off 'cause I don't really feel like explaining it.

Construction is incredible. Has recessed metal handles on top just where you'd want them, included casters, skid rail on the back and feet on the bottom and end so you can put it on end if you want to. Metal grill, metal corners. It's covered in a super duty rhino liner like coating that seems indestructible. Supposed to have stainless steel fasteners. For a 212 it's huge.. and really heavy. If you're looking for a super portable 212, this ain't it. I've picked up 412s that didn't weigh this much. It should stand up to gigging very well. It has stereo and mono/thru jacks. Mine is 16ohms in mono. It also came with a very cool and super heavy duty cover. You can cover it up and still grab the handles. Appropriately they come in black. I don't have a lot of experience with Vader cabs but I don't remember them being nearly this sturdy. This might be overkill though.

The sound. I got the Havok212. It is deep deep deep and clear. It's loud and it likes to be pushed hard. Balanced to maybe a little scooped and very smooth on top. It sounds HUGE. It has a fast immediate quality to the sound. The Havok is supposed to be the detuned metal cab and the Blackjack(?) is their rock cab? Mine is loaded with Eminence Pros with cast frames but if you're in love with mids you might like their other cab better. I hooked it up next to my old 5150 412. At low volume the 5150 sounds pretty good but it rolls over and mushes up just when the Redstar gets going. It has leagues more bass than the 5150 412. It's making me think my XXX is one freak of a better amp that I thought. Unleashes multi-layered evilness from my VHT. I'm running this with 120 watt heads and my guess is a 5 watter just wouldn't do it. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a big deep clear sound who has the amp to drive it.

EDIT: Haha. My buddy says is a Marshall cab is a pint of ale and a reuben this is a glass of grain alcohol and a raw steak!
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I just spooged in my pants, this cab sounds like its amazing, Im going to buy the 4x12 with my tax return. Screw Vader. I usually play drop tuning in C so this will probably suit what im looking for