Alright so i have to go to two fancy dress parties, one is halloween and one is a birthday party and you have to go as a video game character.

I want to spend very little cash so want to try and combine both so a scary video game character. What should i go as?
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Im not buying or renting an expensive suit and also want to be able to breathe and drink!
Blue sheet + scissors = MOTHER ****ING PAC MAN GHOST!!!!!

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Blue sheet + scissors = MOTHER ****ING PAC MAN GHOST!!!!!

Hmmm maybe
Pacman ghost is the best thus far :P

Go as lara Croft. Just get HUGE breast implants, small shorts and a tight blue vest
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Overalls, a red shirt and Mario hat (which I've seen in a department store and a novelty store). You can be Mario brah.

not scary tho
Zoot Suit.

It's classy and always appropriate.
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