Hello dear pitmonkeys, please lend me your twisted minds.

We have a big party coming up in a week and it's my task to come up with the outfits. The theme is Jungle (Me Tarzan, you Jane, something lame like that), but we want a good outfit. The only problem is that we have very little time to prepare, we don't have much money (€5-10 p.p.) and we have a pretty big group of 15 people.

The ideas so far weren't great, so I was hoping you had a great idea.

Thanks for your time
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your most likely not to have any clothes in the jungle, if ya know what im sayin

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Book of shadows 2?
Wear a leaf.

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wear a business suit and have some documents under your arm that say you have the permission to chop all the trees in the jungle
Tiger striped banana hammocks.

If you can in fact get them for 10 british pounds.

You could all go in your normal clothes with dirt on them and say that some sort of monster brought your plane down in the jungle and is killing people off...
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Furries party? Dress as animals obviously
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