so hey guys here is the thing : the common fact is you can't combine amp modelling pedals (like the boss gt) with modelling amps (like the VT100 )

however I had the idea of plugging the pedal in the return input of the amp, so will it work? does it fully bypass the preamp and the EQ?

so basically could you just use the vt100 as a power amp for the pedal ?

oh and one more thing does any one know whether the VT does well with the Russian big muff?
The Vt handles pedals fairly well. They should work OK together without fancy inputs and stuffz.
Just run the pedals straight in. The Valvetronix amps handle pedals well. You just have to be careful not to cause any clipping.

As far as I'm aware muffs work fine with them.

Oh and put and EQ in your FX loop. Really improves the sound.
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