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Hi everyone! I decided to write some Nickelback-ish stuff 0_o's there It took me 'bout 2 hours to compose it. It's some easy-playing Drop C riffs (as Nickelback use) and a simple blues-ish pentatonic solo. Check it out and crit it please!

C4C as always!
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Well though it is simpler, its still alot more thought than your standard Nickelback song. Has less of a generic feel. Not much to be said, pretty good song
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pretty nice man, it is simple, but tastefully simple.

like above stated less generic than nickelback, and that's a good thing/
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When I saw the Nickelback inspired part I have to say I wasn't expecting much. Nice song though man, definetly liked it more than Nickelback lol. The use of harmonics was pretty cool and prevented it from sounding too generic and you've got alot of nice catchy riffs in there. I thought the solo was good, really fitting to the song as if it was too technical it woud've sounded out of place. Good job.
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Really nice job. I too was unimpressed when I saw the Nickleback part, but was impressed with the song.
Pretty original sounding while still being traditional post-grunge. I like it.
The solo did fit really well, but maybe turn down the rhythm behind it. Also, I thought the harmonics sounded a little weird.
Other than that I wouldn't change a thing though.

Great work. 8.5/10

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I'm very appreciated for your criticism, dudes! More songs are yet to come!
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I hate you for your half-assed trolling, arrogance, and all around attention-whoring...

Quote by Tom Araya
Anyone else is interested?

That happens to be against the rules. I won't report you.
That's not my style.

As for the song, it also doesn't happen to be my style, but it's about 99.9% better than anything Nickelback has produced. Kudos.
The simplicity is also appreciated, as it really emphasizes the groove. Solo was alright, if a little uninspired. o_0 0_O 0_o
Those faces are ****ing annoying too. Any time I see you, I'm gunna feel obligated to pelt you with them.
Anyway, this song is not bad. Nothing really much you can improve on upon if you're goal was to make something Nickelback inspired (by which you more than exceed in).
Don't take that in a sarcastic tone, as I'm serious. It's actually inspired to write in simpler, more emotive terms.
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I like it; it sounded good without getting overly complex. And I agree with what was said above; it's better than Nickelback. Overall, 8/10.

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