For sale is my 2005 Parker Fly Mojo Flame in Black Cherry Burst. Fitted with A bareknuckle Nailbomb in the bridge and a Bareknuckle Coldsweat in the neck. Original pickups arnt included as i bought the guitar this way from a friend a few months ago, Due to the uncertainty of the future of my job, i've decided to sell this guitar to help get some debts cleared off if the worst would to happen, this was a hard decision but its the only one i could part with.

The Guitar comes with the original hard case, tools, manuals, Stereo cable, Whammy bar (just got to get it off of my friend who borrowed if for his) it also have Dunlop Straploks fitted which i will supply a planet waves strap to go along with it.

there are a couple of marks under the bridge in the finish, which were caused by string changing, they arnt noticeable unless you really look for them, theres also a small nick in the headstock, that is all. the rest of the guitar is in superb condition.

I will upload more photos when i've found my camera.

I am looking for £1300 for it, Offers are welcome, please PM us if you are interested

The Guitar is currently Setup for 11's in CFlat, I'm going to be re-stringing it for 10's in Estandard this weekend
Hi, would you be willing to sell just the Nailbomb on its own? Pm me if you would be XD