I play the G chord with my index,middle finger and pinky or with my index,middle and ring finger.

When I play the 2th method I always feel a pain in the 'bone' of my ringer finger,like where it fold.

Has someone experienced this before?

Also when I was younger I hurt this finger/bone a lot of times by playing basketball or any other sports using my hand.I think I have this in the same spot of my right hand too.It also started swelling then but not when I play guitar.

Wtf is this?And can I do anything about it?
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either keep using the second method and hope ur fingers will grow stronger, or if they dont just stick to the first method, which i think is how most people play it anyway
Yeah I don't really know if it will go away when my finger will grow stronger or it's just something permanent.Maybe someone has expierenced this before and could tell me
How did you damage this finger?

If you had to avoid using it for ages it may have lost strength and never regained it- although i don't think this is it because there are no muscles there. I'm not a doctor so it could be something else (actually, for best results you should ask a doctor ).

If your finger was broken it may not have set properly- although if this is it you would likely have trouble bending the joints.

Or, if you mean you damaged it by bending it wrong etc, it could be you're hitting a nerve or something- in which case if you keep causing it to happen you will damage the nerve further and lose feeling in the end of your finger.

I don't know what it is, but I would suggest avoiding using it in ways that hurt. I don't think it will get stronger, there are no muscles down the length of your finger- only in the palm. If you use it more it might "loosen up", but it depends whats wrong with it.

I would consult a doctor if you're that worried, although it might just be fixed by more warming up exercises before you play.
Lol I think this finger is really ****ed up or something because I remember again.

Back when I played basketball and stuff it was the other joint of this finger that started swelling.Maybe it's a nerve like you said.
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