So I've been in the market for awhile for a new electric guitar, as my Epiphone Les Paul Standard just will not cut it. Recently I found that G&L is releasing a Jerry Cantrell Signature Rampage model, and with Jerry C. being my favorite/most influential guitarist on me, I think I've found my guitar of choice. The problem? I can't find any vendors for that guitar, and when I find online vendors, none list the price. Does anyone know the price for this guitar (2009 model)? I don't want it to be too much, so if it's above $900 I'll (regretfully) have to pass it up. And if the price is below that, could anyone tell me of the features? There are prolly a few other questions I have, but at the moment I forgot them all. I really want this guitar, Alice in Chains is BOSS



P.S. completely off-topic, but if anyone could direct me to the official AIC thread, it'd be much appreciated; otherwise, I kinda want to start a new one

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Pretty simple, but looks awesome
Aight hmm, this may work. I'll see if anyone bought it used in my area though. My other question, how many are being manufactured? Or is that unknown?
I don't think it will be limited like previous versions of the Rampage, though G&L isn't even making a left-handed version -- so they may not be as mass produced as say Epiphones
This is good I don't mind if they're hard to find as long as I don't feel like I'm rushing against a clock to decide. Odds are, though, I'ma buy this one, provided I can scrape up enough $$$ I don't even use the rhythm pickup on my Les Paul, I like the punch/tight end of the treble.
it looks good-- should be a solid purchase
and if you can wait a while-- they will pop up soon used in this rough economy