i am looking to rebuild my first guitar i ever bought, a squier strat!

i am looking to build a good rock guitar.

My main question is, what pick ups should I use?

here is a pick of the guitar!


it has double coil and the bridge and two single coils, correct?

im looking to do all new pick up and maybe a new tremolo?

any help is greatly appreciated!


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im sorry i cant answer your question but i just have to say.... that thing is SEX!
sorry, i added the wrong link by mistake!

i just want to make this guitar a good metal guitar!

I dont wanna spend a crazy amount of money, but i wanna spend some!

I just wanna make my first guitar ever good for playing motley crue and that kinda stuff!
A few questions first:

1. What kind of setup are you playing through? Amp? Effects Pedals?

2. Do you have a more specific budget?

With the right amp and/or pedals, you can do a few things that will help a lot with a great deal of modification.
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Quote by GravyFish
A few questions first:

1. What kind of setup are you playing through? Amp? Effects Pedals?

2. Do you have a more specific budget?

With the right amp and/or pedals, you can do a few things that will help a lot with a great deal of modification.

im playing through a peavey backstage plus and a boss metal core ml-2
To be honest with you, no matter what pickups you get, they won't make a huge difference unless you get a different amp. I know, because I have an epiphone studio 15R (I'm in college and don't have room/money for a better amp right now), which is comparable to your peavey. I upgraded my SG with a nice set of GFS pickups, replaced the switch and pots with MIA parts, rewired with shielded 22awg wire, and only got a small improvement in sound on my amp. Now, on my cousin's Mesa Mark IV, there was a huge improvement, but they just won't make much of a difference on a small, solid state combo amp, especially one with emulates the sound of another amp.

Hardware is a different matter entirely. I am actually finishing up a squier rebuild myself, in fact the link to that thread is in my sig. Check it out, you might get some tips or ideas, plus I linked to some good stuff in that thread that you might want to read.....but replacing the stock squier hardware can yield a much better primary tone as well as increasing sustain and tuning stability, I know because I've done it. Before I started my project I did a LOT of research. To save time, I'll quote myself from another thread for hardware recommendations:
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That is why I'd recommend staying with a Fender style tremolo since you're new to the game. Guitar Fetish makes a nice upgrade Tremolo assembly that fits import strats, but I would just upgrade the BLOCK and the SADDLES. I like those stainless steel saddles better than the one on GFS' upgrade trem. They're the ones I used in my build, and paired with the solid big steel block they made a large difference, just use the baseplate from the Squier trem. Also, if you have the money, I would invest in some TUNERS and a new NUT to replace the stock pieces. Also, replacing the bridge mounting screws with screws of better quality will make a difference. CALLAHAM GUITARS has some really awesome hardware, all of it made of hardened stainless steel. The bridge mounting screws are about halfway down the page. All of this stuff will help your guitar resonate better, increase sustain, and help it keep in tune a lot better, especially when you're using the trem. Guitar Fetish is good mid-range hardware, and it will be a large upgrade over what that Squier has now, especially if it's a bullet. Callaham has all the parts that I listed as well, probably of higher quality, but that $20 block from Guitar Fetish is about $60 from Callaham, not worth it on a Squier IMO. If you really want a Floyd, go for it, but the parts that I linked to are affordable, easy to install, and will really make that little guitar come alive. WARMOTH is another great source of guitar hardware. They really have everything you need to build/rebuild a guitar, and it's all name brand stuff at really great prices.

Just do some research man, I hope this helps a little, or at the least, give you something to think about. Check my project thread maybe for some ideas if you want, and like I said above, feel free to PM me if you have any questions. I've done a lot of research on budget Strat upgrades, and I'd be happy to point you in the right direction.

Now, a lot of folks aren't fond of guitar fetish hardware. It's imported and mass produced, but on a guitar that costs less than $200 brand new, I just couldn't justify spending $65 on a new set of tuners, $200 on upgraded electronics, $75 for a really nice bridge, etc. That's not saying GFS hardware is cheap crap, because the stuff I got for my squier was solid, and was a nice improvement over the stock parts.

It's a lot to read, I know, but hopefully it helps a little bit. If you have any more questions, feel free to shoot me a PM and I'll be happy to point you in the right direction.
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You could look in to guitarheads.net parts, too. Their active pickups are gain central. I've found that their stuff is, all in all, pretty solid.

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