I've got an RG 120 that I've messed around with for a while since buying. The frets are pretty worn down, and instead of a fret job, I'm thinking I actually want to replace the whole neck since I don't really like the U configuration.

Are there any jackson or strat like necks that are compatible with it? I'd figure no since it's a 24 fret.
If you can find one with the same scale length then you shouldn't have any problems

As for the fret thing, wait until someone with more of a clue tells you
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Check out warmoth. Also, I think ibanez have more of a D shape, then a U. How strat like are you looking for? Modern C? Vintage C? Vintage Soft V (1957) or Vintage U(1954/1955)?
Either modern or vintage C, I might try out a vintage V but I don't think I'd like it on the RG.