ohh ok , err preferably not jazzy or classical something like John butler or as already mentioned Tommy emmanuel , and something that could be played on its own and still sound like a song without needing extra guitars and stuff so basically an acoustic solo fingerstyle piece
a lot of tommy emmanuel stuff is in standard tuning. i dont think DADGAD is that much of a step to make, just detune the low E, the B and the high E, and voila, an open tuning you can fool about with.
also, look into songs with a strong fingerpicking base, like blackbird, or crazy on you, because they sound amazing played solo, if thats what you want to do.
If you want a fingerstyle challenge, try playing just about anything by James Taylor. Take a look at the music for "Fire and Rain." It should give you plenty to work on.
How about just focusing on Flamingo or Classical styles. Observation alone I am sure they are quite challenging.