Just got back from guitar center with a ts9 and a sonic stomp. I also have an isp noise decimator. Iv never used the loop in the back so I was wondering what order and where would you put those pedals. Another noob question. When I start the chain in the loop do I start it in the amp "send" and into the first pedal "send /input" or what? Thanks!
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Well the ts9 should be put between the guitar and amp, not in the effects loop. The other two should be in the loop with the isp first and the sonic stomp after. For future reference, you always put any noise reduction pedals first in your loop.
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i have a very similar setup and i use the isp in the chain before the amp instead of in the fx loop. heres why:

in the chain - gets rid of all noise from guitar, cables, and pedals in front of it, BUT does not get rid of that slight hum when the pregain is up.

in the fx loop - gets rid of all noise from guitar, cables, pedals, and preamp hum, BUT the level u have to set it to get rid of that hum, DESTROYS ur sustain.

so i have mine in between amp and guitar and just learned to deal with the preamp hum. as long as ur gain and presence arent on a crazy high level, its really not a big deal.

as for send/return/input, etc. it goes loop send, input of pedal chain, output of pedal chain, loop return
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