hey all bass players out there im in search of one of you in my area to fill a gap in the line up.

the bass player from my band is leaving so we need a new one.

were re writting our stuff we have and writting aload of new stuff so u can make the bass lines what ever u want.

we play metal in the style of misery signals, killswitch engage, in flames and as i lay dying to name a few so if ur into this kinda stuff n looking for a band were in need of you.
hey man yea i got a recording of an old version of a song on myspace www.myspace.com/somewillbesaveduk its got the old singer in it n **** lol. were re doing all our songs n shiz n started re recording n the myspace is getting re done. and after we started this our bass player left lol.

the song on myspace will give you a rough idea but there is loads more screaming and its just completly diffrent which is why were re doing it lol. now we have time haha
well me and my bro are in hove, other guitarist is in portslade and the vocalist is in london but comes down when he can lol. we practise at brighton electric which is just down from brighton uni on lewes road.