***FOR MORE PICTUES OF MINE: http://s282.photobucket.com/albums/kk260/randyrhoadsv/Rhoads%20Polka%20DOt/

Rhoads Polka Dot V: $1400

***Let me know if you have any questions or if you're intrested. Thanks.

***Pickups are same as Randy's, solid creme. DiMarzio PAF (DP-103) and Super Distortion (DP 100). And comes with a custom made G&G Quality case pictured below (form-fitted, crushed blue velvet interior, black tolex exterior hardshell)

Guitar was made by luthier Ron Estrada.

Some Specs:
Schaller tuners
Rosewood fingerboard
MOP bowtie inlays
Small fret wire
vintage trem
Dimarzio superdistortion and PAF (both cream)

***A near perfect replica of Randy's. This guitar is a neck thru for more sustain, where as Randy's was a set neck.

Refer to GMW website for the size specs: http://gmwguitars.com/class/rockreplicas.html

Quote by darkwolf291
If i had the money i would buy that without hesitation
But I'm wondering...why ya sellin' it?

I never play it, she deserves a good home.
Beautiful guitar. Wish I had the money, if only if only.
Whats gonna happen with your username? :P
I remember this from HC. Still a beauty.
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Quote by Junnage
I remember this from HC. Still a beauty.

She sure is.
Still here $1400
Quote by CptRevell
What sort of trades are ya looking for?

I'd prefer to sell, but I'm open to all guitar trades.
Give it a shot
really wish I could afford that thing, if its still around when I get my check back from extra grant money for college (about $2000 I should be getting) I may consider it...

I half want to offer up my Rg770dx, but I love that thing and I couldnt bear to part with it :-p...

but right now, sadly I cant afford to really offer anything up for it. consider this post at the very least a free bump the admins wont care about lol.

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why dont you go to ebay or something? the kids on here dont have that kind of cash. . .
Electro Metal???