I decided to polish the fretboard today since I got a nice thick fuzzy strap. And put a silly thick set of strings on. All wound 18-60 set I made with a Dean Markley blue steel MED set. And 3 custom strings.

The set ended up being: 60,52,42,30,22,18

Not exactly right on the bottom two judging by the tension. I am not sure if they should be lighter or heavier, but they are too taunt.

Hella fun. When by 5 month old finally gets to sleep, I can't wait to plug in my headphones and see what some silly distortion can do.

I only did this because it is easier for me to hit pinch harmonics on wound strings, It is kinda fun. I am not really one for way low tuning, but this is fun!
It doesn't cost a lot, so next time you have some time to kill, give it a shot! I have never gotten this much bass out of my Blackheart without my modded bad monkey.,
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I thought this was. Well **** my ass with a scissor.

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I thought this was. Well **** my ass with a scissor.

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