SO this is my first ever attempt at making a pedal. It was insanely frustrating and wonderfully fun at the same time, and I learned a lot! Its based on an MXR Distortion +.


Test build..

Compacting the board

The enclosure!

I dont think itll fit..

Board cut and everything jammed in

Finished(-ish) pedal!

Gut shot

All thats left to do is get some knobs for those pots and maybe paint the thing, since I managed to scratch the finish in a couple places. But it works great, sounds pretty damn good for a 20$ job, and it was super fun!

Also for anyone wondering how the case magically lost its rivets, the first case was cut poorly, leaving too little room for the battery, so I had to scrap it and use a new one, wish i had some in between pics to show the carnage
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Nice job man, how does it sound?

And yea, pics are a little too big
Impossible is Nothing
Sounds great, more fuzz than I expected, but I like it

Sorry about the pics, ill resize in a sec
Yeah I replaced the germanium diodes with silicon to get it to hard clip, and it ended up sounding like fuzz, so i dunno

also I resized the images on my photobucket but they arent updating here. How do i fix this?
Yeah, it's more of an OD pedal. Looks like fun. Congrats on your build.

Edit: oh, so you purposely went for more of a fuzz tone. Cool.

run your cursor over the top of the photo and a drop down box should pop up with Resize as an option.

That's how I do it. 800 x 600 fits well I think.
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