I know that generally speaking a guitar effects pedal will cut the low end out of a bass, but what about pedals like delay, reverb, chorus, that are just doubling the sound in some way? (Which i realize is an incredibly inept way of putting what they do).
I can't speak for reverb but here's my take on delay and chorus.

I have a bass chorus (Digitech) and it sounds much better than if you use a guitar chorus, there is a greater depth and deepness to the tone. But interestingly enough the Digidelay sounds great on bass and works quite well.
most all modulation pedals (delay, reverb, chorus, phase, flange) are universal for the most part, but bass specific chorus pedals can have a fuller sound
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bass chorus is better.

reverb? delay? nah. only delay that I ever wanted to use was a Carbon Copy.
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Digital reverb pedals are OK, but they don't compare to the expensive rackmount units. And the expensive rackmount units usually don't compare to a traditional spring reverb tank. In other words, reverb is an expensive effect if you want something more than a basic digital pedal.

DigiTech and Boss both make bass chorus pedals. As for which is better, it's six of one; half-dozen of the other between the two. I think the DigiTech is slightly better, but that's a matter of opinion. As for delay, both DigiTech and Boss make delay pedals that are pretty good. Boss makes a larger unit called the Giga Delay that is outstanding. I've had one for quite a while, and it performs perfectly. It's a lot more versatile than the smaller units.

Reverb and delay work exactly the same on basses as they do on guitars. Bass-specific effects focus on the lower frequencies when such a focus is warranted. Guitar effects don't necessarily cut the low end of your bass out; rather, they just don't work on all of the frequencies as well as bass-specific pedals. Some pedals, like flangers and phasers, are generic: they work on both instruments exactly the same. They'll often have input jacks labeled "Guitar/Bass In."

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Just saying, I got a Boss ME-50B for $150 used. It has all those plus many, many more. And I absolutley love it. You may want to check it out.
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I have a Boss CE-20, originally got it for guitar but it works surprisingly well for bass as well and do enjoy it's sound.