So I've made a playlist of all the songs I know (the ones that I actually know well, not just random riffs for messing around), and I try to play the whole thing about once a week (it's almost two hours long and it's hard to get that much alone time in a college dorm). So I was wondering, do pit monkeys do things like this? what are their jams?

Here are some of mine:
Megadeth: Peace Sells, Skin O' My Teeth, Silent Scorn, Shadow of Death
Anthrax: Indians
Arch Enemy: Intermezzo Liberte, revolution Begins
Opeth: Burden, In My Time of Need
Nevermore: The Sorrowed Man, The Heart collector, Born (I don't have this one quite up to speed)
Alice In Chains: Would? (this is my closer, good cool down song)
Testament: True Believer (this may be my favorite)
I also play a short acoustic instrumental from the Hellsing anime

Any suggestions of similar songs that are fun to play?
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