Hi there

I was just wondering what everyones opinion is on putting a reverb pedal in front of an amp as opposed to an FX loop?

Hypothetically the pedal set up im thinking of would be:

Ernie Ball VP Jnr
Jekyll and Hyde OD + Distortion
Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive
BOSS DD-20 Delay
>Holy Grail Reverb +<
BOSS TU-2 Chromatic Tuner

And running into a Vox AC30

The kind of stuff i'd be playing with it is ambient type stuff, using a bit of delay and the volume pedal of some swelly sounding stuff. The amp i'm currently using has reverb built in (Vox VT50) and i can get something thanks works really well for what i want, but for my upgraded set up i want something switchable from my pedal board.

So summed up what could i expect the reverb pedal to sound like?
I wouldn't get the Holy Grail for simple ambience. The Malekko Spring Chicken is supposed to be alot better for a similar price.

It would be fine, unless you intend to use alot of preamp saturation (which I doubt you will with an AC30).
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with the reverb in front, you might distort the reverb, which will end up in a kind of noisy thing. if you put it in the effects loop, it'll sound much more natural.
i use an EHX holy grail plus, and it has never let me down, i don't get what people hate so much about it, i tried a lot of reverbs and liked this one a lot
Yeah i had a feeling running it all into a clean AC30 (still using the top boost for a bit more presence/cut, just not lots of gain to keep it clean), it would probably be okay as well as having the OD pedals before it.

Would it distort much running the amp clean? Even if it did a bit for a real wet sound i think it would be okay, i'll have to try it out i spose at some point to know what i'd be in for.

BTW when i say ambience i mean using a fairly wet reverb sound, so much it acts like a delay without the attack of the repeated notes/sounds etc.....if that even makes sense haha.
as long as you don't turn your amp's preamp volume up a lot, it'll sound just fine. same for delay pedals. if you'll be using pedals for od/distortion, then you won't have anything to worry about.
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the ac 30 has a two button channel switch included which activates tremolo and reverb. i dont know if the reverb will be enough for what you need but try one out and see if its good for you
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