Random wanking
aka shred.
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wasn't this video posted in a thread not long ago?
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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Random wanking
aka shred.

You obviously have some skill with the guitar, so try to do something interesting with it.
Well your obviously pretty good at those technique's. But I dont think the point of this thread to ask us what kind of style you are. You just want to show-off, and thats fine in some way. But it make smy guess your a bedroom guitarist only seeking attention on the online web, instead you should play/jam with other people. I dont think any 'real'guitarists needs to go show off on these forums. Its time for you to go play with other people, dont try to show off this way your gonna get alot of flaming.
Quit posting this video... This is the third time I've found a thread started by you asking about this video. If you want to show off: go elsewhere, this forum is for people who want help with their technique.
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style sounds like a guy who doesnt love his pinky

EDIT: second half looks like he isnt using it.
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This video is posted by a bunch of different people all the time. Protip: it's not him.
troll, please leave *reported*
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