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My little unnamed riff/song- I need help with genre classification, maybe tips? I've only been playing for 10 months so... no hate
I play this with some light distortion
Into D-----16------17------------19------21---------
A------14---x2----15---x2----17-x2--19--x2--------------------now do it descending and
E----0------------0-----------0--------0----------- repeat

Verse is same except A and D strings are played an octave lower (E0,A2,D4)

Chorus is same as verse except instead of arpeggiating just play all the notes together

I was thinking I could palm mute the verse, and add a key change which would make sense for a Pentatonic Minor improv solo to be there. sorry for the crappy tabbing, theres no excuse

If it sucks please tell me. Dont be an asshole, though, I'm only 13
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Submit as Guitar pro file, with the correct times.

Maybe be more original, and less generic.

But keep trying.

As a rule of thumb, the first riff/lick/ideas are really not the best that you're able to do. So just keep going