im thinking about killing myself i need someone to talk me out of it

my girlfriend left me. i have no job. i feel like life isnt worth living anymore with out her. maybe ill be better off dead...
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maybe ill be better off dead...

...Or you you won't be at all.

Trust me, a miserable existence is better than no existence at all.

And besides, no girlfriend means more free time, man, come on.
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Trust me, a miserable existence is better than no existence at all.

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clearly, the goal is to convert every thread into a discussion about BTBAM

In the grand scheme of things, she means nothing really.

Human beings are too impulsive and reactionary for any relationship to last very long without controversy, so any form of commitment is against our nature anyway. Might as well move on.

Honestly, wait. I've thought about suicide before, waited a week and then decided, "Man, I was being a fucking idiot for thinking about killing myself over that."

Seriously, problems mean a lot less in retrospect, so my advice is to wait it out.

Also, about the job thing; how old are you? If you're supporting yourself, unemployment isn't hard to get these days with the Dems in the White House, and it's easy money until you find something else.

You should go beat one out and then get together with some friends. It'll make you feel better.
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You could call one of those suicide hotline thingees, that's what they're there for. I think
You only have one shot at life . No redo's.
Just remember that.
I was suicidal at one point but that helped me realize how lucky I am to actually be alive at this point. How many babies have been stillborn, or have died during their first hours of life?
Don't let a girl and a lack of a job take away something you can never get again. You'll find another girl and a better job.
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