Ok so my guitar teacher....she is very good but she is strictly a jazz/blues player...I've been taking lessons for like a year and a half now and I've noticed that i cant write a good metal riff because all i have been learning for the past year and a half was jazz and blues...Any tips on writing good metal riffs...???
im looking for either a five finger death punch style or a modern metallica stlye
Do you learn the riffs you know from tabs or do you figure them out by ear? I don't have any specific tips for you, but when you start figuring out songs by ear it helps a lot when you're writing your own stuff. It helps to give you an idea of what could sound good at what time.
as said before, a lot of your inspiration comes from songs you've heard. also, palm mutes
ok the only songs ive learned by ear are death before dishonor, run to the hills, and paschendale
Aside from teaching yourself what you actually want to learn. Have you brought it up with your teacher? If you have and she can't teach it to you, you need to find a teacher who can teach you anything and everything you want/need to know for what you want to do with guitar.
listen to metal songs. learn to play metal songs. understand how metal songs are written. If you know theory, you should be able to figure out that a lot of metal songs are written relying heavily on modes. Metallica effin loves to use dorian mode
My guitar teacher is a strict jazz/blues guitarist. In addition to giving me a strong musical foundation and a style that sticks out when everyone is so focused on speedy shred virtuosity(Not saying that's a bad thing, just saying that it's not how I play because it isn't how I want to sound), he introduced me to countless jazz and blues artists. I have played in two local choruses, a metal band and a pop-punk band and am in the process of forming a jazz/prog-rock fusion trio. Ergo your teacher will effect you, but in all honesty, just listen to the music you like and your style will tend towards that.

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Switch teachers, learn some metal songs, play around on high gain until you strike a few notes you think sound cool etc. You'll get it. Also most good guitarists have been playing for more that one and a half years. And jazz guitar is actually a great fundamental bass for contemporary guitar.
simple, just play blues! personaly I think blues is the bese genre of music, I don;t like metal. but whatever floats your boat i guess, go get another teacher, because if she is blues/jazz, she probably hasn't put the time into learning metal. I know I haven't.
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