I've been playing on my Line 6 Spider III 15 watt practice amp for 2 years now (playing guitar for 2 years, but bass for 5 years) and I'm looking to get a good quality tube-amp (probably 40-60 tube watts)for my guitar to play metal/metalcore music (bands such as All That Remains, As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, Trivium, Shadows Fall, etc.); however, I have no idea what kind of amps can allow me to produce this type of sound or what effects, if any, I would need to help me get this kind of sound through my amp.

I'm looking to spend between 500-700$ at most. If anyone can offer any suggestions as to what models of amps I should look at(probably combo amps, unless there is a good quality small stack I could get for this amount of money) I would greatly appreciate it . Also, if there's anything you guys would like me to let you know just tell me.

So far I've been looking at some Peavey and Brugera models, but I really don't know what's good and what's not. I'm looking to go to my local Guitar Center and Sam Ash to try out a few amps next weekend with my guitar. I have a Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR with Active EMG 81/89 pick-ups. Thanks again.
A Peavey XXX is always a good choice for your price range......Nice Amps!!
Playing on some new gear....review to follow