get a fender jazz bass.

Or precision.

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The Spector, they make awesome instruments.
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I'm with a 2 horse race with the sr505 and custom 5, I'll say try all of them

yeah i've tried all of them i just need some personal opinions and reviews.
Spector or the brown mahogany ibanez soundgear, my friend has a 4 string version and its a spectacular instrument
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I'm not a big bass player, but I will say that I've played a shecter stiletto 5 string and didn't care for it at all...

The Ibanez sr505s are really good value, and I've heard great things about Spector basses
I vote sr505 but i'm an ibanez fanboy. I own a schecter stilleto studio-4 with emg-hz's and i didn't care for the tone compared to some of my other basses. I could make it work and get it useable but i had trouble getting a big,round enough sound even with my tube amp. the bartolini pickups in my ibanez btb775 do this much easier but are very versatile with the preamp and can get a ton of different usable tones.

I did love the neck on the schecter though.
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I've played all but the omen. Personally, I like the Spector and the two Ibanez's the best, have never really liked Schecters that much. The Spector is my favorite, but its almost tied with the SR505, which is the better of the two Ibanez basses. I'd say you can't go wrong with any of the 5, but you have my two cents.
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Quote by KSE69
yeah i've tried all of them i just need some personal opinions and reviews.

well I own the 2 I mentioned before and they are great basses, I would choose the Sr505 because it has better EQ, it has Barts pups and its an Ibanez

if you want to hear some soundclips of the bass I mentiones check on my profile

(sr505) My Mind is In Overdrive

(Custom 5) A Race Against Time

(both basses) the great gig is in the desser, the bass is the schecter and the lead bass the Ibanez
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I would say the Spector and the two Ibanezi as well. My only complaint is that the Ibanezi have really close string spacing, which if you play slap can be a bit of a challenge at first.

I have never played an Omen I liked. Odd weight distribution and meh sound.
id o with that specter,
although if your looking into schecter try the stiletto elite
Coming from somebody who plays a Spector, I can always recommend anybody else a Spector bass, great sound and great playability
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505 or the Spector.

Ibanez maple necks are headed downhill IMO.
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The schecter and the spector are both awesome.

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get a fender jazz bass.

Or precision.

Somehow I think the TS would not want a Fender...
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Well i have played only Ibanez SR505 of the bunch and i must say i was really impressed with it. Very comfortable, versitale, nicely made and great value. It's a really good choice IMO. But if you can check all of them in some store, i'd recommend doing that. What some ppl might like, might not suit you...