hey ug people i have been playing guitar for a while but not long enough obviously i have skill but it turns out everybody these days are really good

but anyways

i have decided not to be one of those cocky guitarist who think they are good but dont know a damn thing about theory so what should i start to learn
http://musictheory.net/ That website is the best I've ever come across. Nice looking, simple, and effective.

Go to the lessons drop down menu and start at the first one!
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A good place to start would be to start learning how to read music. Mel Bay has their "purple books". Those are a great place for a beginner to start with any instrument. If not I'm sure any local music store will have a beginner's guitar book. Just try not to spend too much time looking up Stairway tabs and devote a good amount of time to learning how to read sheet music and chord charts. This should give you at least the opening steps towards learning theory.