Well it's about time to broaden my horizons.

I've messing around with my pentatonic scales in a few keys and getting to know the fretboard in the past year and a bit of playing. now I want to learn blues guitar.

Anyone have a solid BLUES video to recommend? to be more specific I'd love to learn all about I-IV-V progressions and variations. I want to learn all about major 7ths, dominants, positions to play each chord, soloing over, and any little tricks experienced players utilize.

thanks for your help!
firstly make up your I IV V progressions you don`t need a lesson vid hust very basic theory

I IV V basics (ADE,GCD,CFG etc)

in terms of tutorial vids look at lick library.
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I wouldn't recommend videos. Just my opinion. You should really start learning by ear when it comes to blues. Blues isn't too complicated, as most artists use the same progression and the same chords. Once you figure out the chords used mainly, then you can pretty much learn it without help.
Go to a rural farm in Mississippi, bring your guitar to a crossroad at midnight, and wah la the devil will take your soul but you will become the best bluesman alive