First off Im sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot. Ok let me start from the beginning...a while back I chopped off the tip of my ring finger (later sewn back on but only half of it) and soon after the though hit me to play guitar. However my ring finger was super sensitive to any touch for the longest time. So I learned how to play all chords and power chords etc. with my pinky. I really want to use my ring finger more so I came here hoping to see if anyone was kind of enough to recommend some exercise of scale that worked the ring finger a lot. (also sorry for the novel I just wrote
Well first of all, that's not that long of a post. Second, I would say do some 4-finger chromatics. Like:


I'm not sure how your finger will respond to it. It depends on how sensitive it is and how much pressure it can take. After a while you will build up a callus.
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I think you just need to practice, alot.
But start of slowly. Then try some more things. And quit when it starts to hurt.
And I think the guy above me, has also a good excercise.

Good luck.
Tony Iommi cut the tips of a couple of his fingers off too. In addition to using finger caps, he also tuned the guitar down a bit to make it less painful.

From here:
"He experimented by melting plastic and molding it into various shapes, then attaching them to what was left of his finger tips. And like Reinhardt, he began to play using the most of what he had. His playing method began to emphasize the fingers that were still fully functional. He down-tuned his strings to ease playing and bending. The changes led to a very unique style and sound that would be the essence of Black Sabbath."

Tony talks more about it here.
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Maybe you kan just take some smaller string (less thick xD).
Like 008 0042 or something. Than you don't have to tune your guitar down.
Darn my english is baaad xD.
use light gauge strings to ease the pressure pain, do chromatic finger exercises like Junior#1 posted, and just build up finger strength and stuff.
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