My band is doing some recording right now and we have spent forever trying to record guitar and catch the good tone. Were only limited to drum mics and a few vocal mics (3 tom mics, 2 cymbal, and bass & snare). We tune pretty low and have a lot of chugs in our songs. I have a peavey xxx and a valve king with some head eq stuff. So far we have tried mic-ing my xxx amp by its self and using a splitter to connect 1 guitar to both valveking and xxx to try and get a beefy tone. Know of any good combinations to get it sounding good. We're pretty new to this. (Using Sonar)... I can get a pretty good tone when I listen to it but when I listen to it on recording it sounds like its in a tube or something. Looking for like a tone similar to "This Is Exile" or "Nocturnal" although I know it would be hard for us to get it that good. All distortion.
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i am sure.

drenched in sarcasm i presume? anyways i find the best amp simulator for heavy tones are pod farm and peavey revalver ( i think its called that) they both give very good distortions. guitar rig i have to say is very good for cleans and crunch.
There's a 99.9% that your mics will be at least slightly out of phase (inverting the phase wont help unless they are completley out of phase). This is almost always the case when you use 2 mics on the same guitar. zoom in on both the tracks and pull them exactly in line with each other so that the peaks meet the peaks. That should solve your "tube" problem.