When i write i get in the habbits of writing stuff around the same place on the fret board is this a bad thing? or is it just a bad habbit, if so what do some people do to work out of this changing the style off the riffs they write or is it just something people do because they like the stuff they like from writing around the same place or is this just noobie?, haha help is thanked in advanced.
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I always write in E minor or A minor, just because I'm so familiar with those keys. Then, if I feel like it, I'll change the riffs to a different key and see how it sounds. Sometimes to make it heavier, lighter, or to give it more atmosphere. Nothing wrong with writing riffs in the same way. Just look at AC/DC hahaha Unless, of course, you don't want to continue writing in that way, in which you just gotta break the habit by experimenting with new keys, scales, modes, chard types, etc.
If you're writing with a singer chances are there'll be a few keys you use much more frequently than others, depending on where the singer's voice sits. This doesn't mean you're limited to using the same frets all the time though, or the same chord shapes etc.

Getting used to writing riffs elsewhere on the fretboard won't be trivial, and at first it may be frustrating. This is because you're used to writing riffs at the position you're writing them, so they come to you more easily there, and perhaps sound better because they're familiar. It will take some conscious effort to practise writing riffs in other positions, but the experience will enrich you as a musician.

You don't have to vary where you write your riffs if you don't want to, but think of it like this: currently you always write in the same position because you can't write anywhere else. If you make the effort to learn to write well in other positions, then even if you later decide you like the current position best after all, you're at least doing so by choice and not because there's no other option.
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If it sounds good, who gives a f*ck
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If it always sounds good for the exact same reasons, eventually it'll just sound stale
I tend to write a lot of stuff in the same part of the neck, just because I think I tend to subconsciously gravitate to the comfiest spot where the frets are nicely spaced for 1 finger per fret :S

I do make myself change keys regularly tho to avoid getting stuck in a comfort zone of a favourite key. If you use a different key, but the same part of the fretboard, you'll probably find yourself using different intervals, so the riff will have a different flavour. Might be worth a try if you don't do that already.