Hey guys, hope this is the right forum.

I teach guitar, and I have a student who's horizons I would really like to broaded so to speak. He loves Green Day (as do I) and I have been teaching him quite a few GD songs. This is not so bad as he is a beginner, but I would like to expose him to some different styles of how a guitar can be used.

I plan on burning him a CD with maybe a dozen songs, each with different styles/genres of guitar music. Hopefully you guys can help with suggesting some good example songs! I am hoping to cover the following;

-Metal (Iron Maiden etc)
-Another genre of metal (Psychroptic kinda thing)
-More obscure stuff

Any ideas would really be appreciated, just leave the song name/artist and perhaps what style it is for reference.

Put on some Bob Marley for Reggae.
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-Metal - Iron maiden, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest,
-Another genre of metal- Killswitch engage, Born Of Osiris, Between The Buried And Me, My Dying Bride, Nile, Cannibal Corpse, Obscura, Necrophagist, Burzum, Mayhem
-Folk- I'm not up on my folk so
-Funk- James Brown, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Rage Against The Machine (although last two not exactly pure funk, I just can't think of any other examples currently)
-Blues- Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King
-Jazz- Miles Davies, John Coltrane
-More obscure stuff - The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Rolo Tomassi, Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra & Traa-La-La Band.

+ also reggae, classical, dance, rap, hip-hop, bluegrass, country etc. etc. the list is almost endless.
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Start out slow with stuff, if he's only in to GD type of stuff, big chance he'll hate stuff like psycroptic when he hears it.

Thats alright, I'm not trying to make him like that kind of music. Just alerting him to the fact that it exists.

Thats for the suggestions so far guys. Any ideas for any particular songs?
Folk : Nick Drake - Cello Song
Funk : Chic - Good Times
Reggae : Bob Marley - Redemption Song
Jazz : Miles Davis - So What
He might particularly like Green Day and such cause he sees it as music he's able to play or can reasonably aspire to being able to play (i.e., it's not too intimidating, or no ego shock factor etc). In this case I'd be cautious about exposing him too quickly to showy/technical stuff; he may just see it as "impossible" or "way out of his reach" and find it discouraging.

If you can possibly expose him to other styles using examples that are within or close to his current playing ability, I think that would be a good approach, at least initially. I guess you as his teacher would be the best judge of what he's currently and potentially capable of, but I'd anticipate a lot of "dream theatre" or "random shred band of choice" type suggestions coming out of this thread which might not really be suitable.