Hello all,

I tried to build the top circuit on this page:

It works as a circuit, but has no effect at all on my guitar tone - the tone is 100% clean. The pot just turns the volume up and down.

Any ideas on what could be the problem? I thought I'd post here in case it is a common problem that is easy to fix. If no-one has any suggestions I'll just go back to ****ing around with it till it works.

Ok so I decided to give this another shot, as it's driving me up the wall that I cannot successfully get such a simple circuit going.

Here is the schematic:

I am pretty confident that all the components are wired in the perfboard correctly as per the layout below:

I think I am failing at wiring the input, output and pots correctly. This is what I have done:

Do I need to connect all the grounds to something else? Or have I grounded too much stuff? I have no idea what I've done wrong. Honestly, if I can't get this to work I'm gonna take up Duplo or fingerpainting or something.

Help would be much appreciated.
my guess would be that something is up with the transistor. either not in the right way (double check the pin layout) or it might be burned out if you soldered it in.
well the pot does what it's supposed to do and you wired the off-board stuff up correctly. assuming you truly did wire the board up exactly as you should have, one can only assume it's a faulty component, most likely the transistor.

is the diode facing the right way? double check the board for missing grounds (alot of times i forget to ground a component), bad connections, shorts, etc.

also post a good pic of the front and back of the board so someone else can check it as well.
ok, next thing to try.
jumper the input to volume lug 3. start with the volume all the way up, then put in the jumper. does the volume go down?

if it doesnt go down, that means you arent amplifying anything with the transistor, the pot is just acting like a voltage divider style volume knob. if it does go down, that means you are at least getting some amplification via the transistor, but not getting clipping. if thats the case, check your diode.
so i don't have to ground from lug 1 to the pot casing?

will try all this stuff and get back to you. cheers.
well that sounds like the transistor is not amplifying anything at all. check the pin layout (dont just reverse it) and/or replace it.
So, another question:

If you want to have two of these in series, would you have the input and output caps on both circuits, or would you just have an input and output cap for the whole unit? Or would it not really make much difference?
one cap. look in the link you posted, down near the bottom. there is a version that is 2 of them in series, and it shows just a single cap between them.

and if i may ask, what was the issue before?
I don't know what the issue was. I completely started again and it worked first time. Cheers for the assistance.