been looking at getting a semi hollow bopdy after playing a friends ES-335 and ES-137.

I love Gibson and already have a Les Paul studio but i'm wondering whether i should fork out the money again as my Gibson sounded great but built quality was pretty poor.

Does any body know any good hollowbody guitars that would be worth looking at?

I've played an Artcore Ibanez which was great plus a fantastic Jay Turser which was built superbly but sounded terrible.

EDIT; Will NOT consider Epiphone guitars.
I love white guitars!
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Epiphone Dot is semi-hollow, and very similar to the 335. there's also the casino which is completely hollow
mhmm the epi hollow body guitars are built well,
but the muddy sound of those pickups will drive me nuts.
Plus i probably wouldn't want to settle for an epi because i'll always want the Gibson.
I love white guitars!
I've been using a brand called "freedom" instruments recently. Really nice semi-hollow body I got off of them. The frets were the only issue with it, in that they were a low quality. But the rest of the instrument was made in australia out of australian timber and parts (where I live) which means they can keep the cost of assembly really low.
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