I went through almost every websites in google to find how to set Synyster Gates' sound on GNX-4 multi-equalizer pedal but I couldn't find it.

So if you guys can help me, Thanks ALOT lolz
I really need this sound fast, i'm going to have a concert with A7X songs so yup

Thanks for the help.
treb - 8/ 3.5oclock
mid - 5/12oclock
bass - 6/2oclock

around there should sound alright. gain prob around 8/3.5oclock. adjust to however u want it to sound. if theres a presence know, i would say that should be about 7/3oclock, maybe a bit less. just cuz yur playin a7x doesnt mean u need their exact sound. just get a sound that u think sounds good.

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