I recoded this a while back. I listened to the backing track 2 times, and recorded on the 3rd. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the improv or crit on my tone.

Track is "Fleeting Daylight" On my profile. C4C of course

Also, the track "In the Horizon"

I did the guitars, and used bandinabox for the drums, any crit on that one would be greatly appreciated as well.
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nice blues song! i like your tone.
didn't like the delay at 1:26.
i liked the backingtrack, what did you use for the backingchords?

in the horizon sounded a bit simple, try to use more different techniques and keys to play in
the solo sounded messy in some parts

overall nice job, i suggest you listen to more blues to hear some different type of playing.
Fleeting Daylight:
That's pretty ****ing impressive, especially given that this is a 1 take improv. Maybe dial in your delay a bit more to fit the tempo (or use a tap delay). You've definitely got some serious skill. Liking your tone, but I think it sounds kind of like you're stuck in the start of a Phase 90 sweep at some times. Were you using the crate?
In The Horizon:
Good blues song. What else is there to say?

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