I'm just testing the waters here. I'm considering recording a series of drum tracks that people can use to practice with. Would anybody be interested in this? What kind of tracks would be helpful to you? Anything from a straight backbeat with an ABA type song structure to odd time sigs and over the bar phrasing.
Why not make a group or something, and let people come with requests?
Certainly a lot of people would like to have the beat of some favorite song to groove over.
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I'd be interested.
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Id be well interested i just posted something about this before i saw your post!
I think as long as your willing to take requests of all genres then ud be helping alot of people!!

For example Id love a drum track for Del Shannons Runaway as im looking to do a good cover of the tune. Could u help me out??
Ok great!

Initially I'd like to record the tracks that would help out the most people. I've gone through the top 100 viewed tabs on this site and chosen a few that are possible for me to learn and record in a day, so I can quickly form a small base of songs. I'll put Del Shannons Runaway on the list, since its a simple track to lay down and your the first to request a track Jwdax

Anybody that's interested in future drum tracks - feel free to leave your email address and I'll keep you in the loop. Just a heads up that it'll probably be a month till I get started as that's when my annual leave begins (yay!).
This is legendary, cant wait! ill have to send you the final mix too
you should def. start a group.
People can request tabs and put up there willingness to do tracks for others.

Maybe do different groups for different genres. if it gets too big. idk

Good idea.