Hey pit, I need your help.

For my best friend's birthday I got her tickets for a gig to our favourite band, but only realised after getting them that it's an 18+ gig. I'm 18, but she's only 17. Do people know if they ID on the doors at gigs, and if they do what the best idea is (get a fake or borrow someone else's)?
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This is true, as long as you have yours, she can just say that she forgot hers or that she didn't think she'd need it and because she's with you, they'll probably give her the benefit of doubt.

That's if they bother to check in the first place.
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I've only been ID'd a couple of times at 100+ gigs, so the chances are they won't ask. If they do, you'll just have to blag it, the success of which will depend entirely on the temperment of the person asking.
Once my sister got into an 18+ gig when she was like 16, my Dad was with her and he'd called up a couple of days earlier and spoken to the manager who said it was cool if she didn't drink, I dunno if it'll work for you though
I was going to a 14+ gig once and my girlfriend got IDed. (she's 16, gutted.) I'd say it depends if she looks close enough to 18, and on the club/doorman.
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Which venue is it? If it's a carling one you're fucked unless she can borrow someone else's ID, sorry...
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