So my band was just asked to do a show at a Halloween party, I never back out when someone asks me to play so I just straight up said yes without ANY idea of what I could play.

My band's songs are definitely not Halloween party songs, lyric driven acoustic songs.
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All I keep imagining is getting booed off stage for not playing heavy **** that I'm not really into. We can play metal easily enough, but it's just not our preference.

So any ideas on what I should do guys?
Lots of pedals.
Quote by ConstableMurtis
play what the crowd wants to hear.

Figured as much.
Question now would be, what is that?
Lots of pedals.
Dress up in a costume. That's the first thing. Just play what you always play though. The people asked you to play so they must have some idea of what you play.

Make it a sweet costume though. Try to get a theme for the band. lol, we're going as teh old school power rangers.