everyone in that pirate sx thread is saying it's only good if it's set up

i just started playing my aerodyne out of the box

the e string is possibly too loud
Basically what Delirium said.
Adjusting the bridge, truss rod adjustment, and other stuff that makes the bass easier to play.
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Basic set up (intonation and string height; pickup height and neck curvature via the truss rod) are easy enough. A full setup would include making sure all of the frets are level. A fret dressing should be left to an expert.
You should probably get someone reliable to do it for you, as in someone who does it for a living.
You don't want to **** stuff up too bad, most importantly your truss rod. That snaps, you're screwed, so pay a bit to get it set up properly. It'll be worth the $20.
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if you have a friend who knows how, have him show you. the luthier at my shop enjoys telling you to leave the guitar there, so you're never able to watch and learn. ended just getting pissed and setting it up myself.
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