I'm going to buy a new guitar soon. This is kind of noob question but is there anything I should know before ordering a $500 to $700 guitar online ? I'm mostly concerned about not be able to try out the actual guitar I'll end up with.

Thanks for the help.
I would treat a guitar purchase as the same as a car purchase, I want a test drive BEFORE I drive. If you want to chance it, I can only suggest if you are buying new well at least you the warranty. If you are buying used, it's a gamble.
i bought my Seagull sight-unseen. there were no dealers around that would stock them, and the one i knew would order one for me wanted much more than what i had to spend! so i got on ebay, found a decent dealer, sent them tons of messages, and got an amazing guitar in the mail. my biggest problem with the whole thing was with FedEx (delays for snow covered roads when it hadn't snowed for 2 weeks) but my guitar came in just fine!

but i think i got lucky if you're feeling lucky too you could try it, but i'll always suggest looking around in stores first.
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Ok, good advice. I'll go the test drive route. Thanks for the replies.