So I currently own a peavy vypyr 30w amp but am without an electric guitar as my starter kit ibanez took a dump, so im gonna put it aside as a "project" guitar and get myslef a new one. I went ahead and bought myself a PRS se custom 24 fret with the double locking trem but returned it because of 2 minor issues which were the 24 fret neck being to much and the flattop body was a bit uncomftorable to play sitting down compared to the ibanez which has an angled like cut in the body for your arms comfort. But other then that its was an amazing instrument with alot of different tones, stunning beauty, and great playability. I would love to get teh SE 22 fret but it doesnt have the double lock trem. Now im looking at other guitars in the same range of 300-500 dollars and so far nothing is really jumping out. I want a guitar that looks good, plays great, and sounds even better with alot of tone possibilities. The tones from the PRS se were unbelievable.

I see the shecter C-! artist seems to be a great guitar for modern rock or metal plus it has Seymor dunc pups which im sure will sound great, but it has a fixed bridge.

There is also the Gretch Electromatic guitar Ive hear great things about with a bigsby trem which is also supoose ot be quite good.

I guess I could get myself a regular strat but I dont know if they are quality anymore and I really want a guitar with a truly distinct sound so im leaning away frm fender/ibanez/esps but then again im not sure.

also Ive been told that rickenbacker or w/e makes a line of guitars that some people absolutley love the sound of, and thats kind of what im looking for, I want a guitar thas gonna sound great to the ear, and turn an eye as if WOW what is he playing. Though for 500 bucks I knwo I wont get anything amazing.

So really I wondering about the above mentioned guitars or others in this class that I can try today at the music store
im into most everykind of music but for the most part when playing I kind of do my wn thing, I really like jsut improvising in w/e key I decide onat the moment. I like a nice bright clean tone but then again I like a dulled down dark tone sometimes too, and thats why tone range is important to me. And like I said the PRS I had is a great example of the kind of tones im looking for, a very versitle sound with a tone knob that is sensitive. I guess a 5 way pup selector would also be a plus over the 3