I finally finished writing the guitar parts for my new song, Fight. I tried to make it feel you like beating up people

Vocal lines to be done by vocal man and drums are to be done by drum man, so all I've got to do is the bassline.
thanks for the crit!
in some parts it did feel like i was fighting people. I dont know if it was intentional or not, but at bar 33 on track 2 you ended the guitar on the G#, but the rest of the time you ended on that riff on the G, just wondering if that was a oops. i like when the solo busted into triplets, and good luck playing those sweeps lol. other than that, the transitions sounded a little rough but could probably be smoothed out with a drummer and some bass
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Ta' for the crit.

Overall, not bad. All the riffs seemed decent (Considering I would normally never listen to thrash), I loved those odd harmonys from bar 50. Could use drums and bass though.

6/10, if you like ratings. I would never listen to thrash, but this could be a good song, it's hard to tell without drums and bass though.
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