Hi am looking for Confession tabs from the newest album titled 'Cancer'. this album is immaculate if you like the For the Fallen Dreams/Acacia Strain/Emmure type sound. the album is in the key of G# so they may be using 7 or 8 strings but I'm using 6 string. I have figured out most of 'Shes Not What She Seems' by ear but cannot work guitar pro for tabbing, only learning. If anyone would like to tab for this band you would be the **** and it would help me out a lot. if anyone is interested in knowing 'She's Not What She Seems', i can try and tab out in .txt for you. Thanks
holy jesus. G# you say? dayum thats heavy. the lowest i can get my guitar is like drop B. but yeah this album is sweet its like the second album ive actually bought. its so awsome. dude i would be like eternally in your debt if you made that tab. ive been looking everywhere for confession tabs and theres like nothing. and if anyone wants to have a go at tabbing the others?
hell yea dude. I just started tabbing out that song for you, I got about 3 lines done but I'm off to a job interview. later on today I will continue to work on it and when I'm done I'll let you know. hopefully more people interested will see this thread and help us