I have been playing for a bout 1 and a half years. I used to just learn mainly blues when I started out. Now I'm wanting to start shredding. I can sweep some and play fairly fast. But when I improvise or play a solo I keep on going back to play blues. I know some of the techniques for shredding I just don't know how to fit them into my solos. Please help. Thanks.
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if your looking to learn shred phrasing learn some some songs from guitarists you like. At the moment your going back to your blues roots cause you haven't learned how to play any other style.
So say I wanted to work on my sweep picking phrasing I could learn a Jason Becker song and that would help?

edit: does amyone know some easy songs I could learn to start really shredding.
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Usually when you "shred" it's not going to be improvised.

What kind of back track are you playing over? that can make a huge difference.

but just like Stephen said, try learning some songs that'll teach you that.

Check out Always with me always with you by Joe Satriani. It has some nice legato runs that aren't to difficult and then go from there.
I think you should worry about perfecting your technique and learning how to play something other than the pentatonic scale if you want to be able to shred. You do realize you have a pinky finger on your left hand, right? Because it's there, you should use it when you're playing. Your right arm looks a little tense which might have to do with posture. If that is a problem, check out freepower's video on it. Although you're not that bad for playing 1 1/2 years, I would still wait before jumping in to shred if I were you.

I wish I had your guitar by the way.
Morning star - Vinnie Moore. Awesome song, relatively easy. Lots of arpeggios and scale fragments.