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Get it set up and keep it - you got a good deal on it
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Send it back and get another strat (specify which one)
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I posted yesterday regarding this - but my budget has changed (thank you dentist bill) I'm in the market for a backup strat I have about $5-600 to spend - would like to buy new if possible and mod later.

I bought a 2 tone SB 50's RW the other day from MF for $499.

A little background - this is the 3rd one I've had the first two had the fretting out issue PLUS they were very heavy and I didn't love the necks. This one is the best of the 3.

After spending a ton of time playing it last night here are my conclusions...

Here are the Pros:

- I like the neck on it
- Weight and resonance are great
- Pickups sound pretty good as well

- Frets out pretty badly on high E string between the 8th and 12th frets (can't even do 1/2 step bend)
- Some buzzing on all strings on various frets
- Don't love the relic look (looks cheesy)

MF has agreed to pay the return shipping if I want to return it.

Need to decide whether to keep it and have it set up or send it packing (would probably get a Highway One instead - local store has them on sale for $550 - I hate the headstocks on them though - otherwise they play well).
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Never keep a guitar you didn't fall in love with at first sight. Yes, you can modify and change it, but not only does it lose value, it could lose tone or durability, and you will lose the warranty in case there are any bigger problems. It's best to find a guitar that you really like stock, and then modify it, than start with something ****ty and cheap and spend hundreds of dollars modifying.
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The funny thing is I REALLY LIKE it - I just wish it was setup better out of the box. I'll probably throw some pickups in it - but other than that - I was getting some great tones out of it - I was just annoyed that it fretted out on the E string.
I gotta wonder how it's a 50s Rosewood model. Fender (Assuming this is Fender since you didn't say) doesn't make a 50's rosewood model unless you're in custom shop, which I know you didn't buy for the $500.

Anyways, the fretting out issue is due to the radius. If it's a vintage radius (7.25") a lot of players had that problem. You could get it reradiused and refretted with bigger frets (assuming they aren't already the big modern frets) to solve the fretting out problem. Also get it professionally setup for the string buzz issues.
I see.

Then the fretting out problem is the radius and possibly the fret size. You can get it reradiused and refretted with bigger frets to help with the fretting out.
Why dont you just get it set up or do it yourself? Polish up and file the frets, adjust the action, etc. That way you have 600 to save