Hey so I have a pretty old Epiphone Cortez that was passed down to me by my mother. She received it when she was a kid in the 1960s and no work has ever been done to it including replacing strings. I play it fairly frequently and am getting rather frustrated with the dull sound from the old strings. I've considered replacing them but I'm worried it will devalue the guitar considering its old age. I have no plans to sell it only pass it down to my distant future children so maybe its a matter of personal choice but I was hoping somebody could give a different perspective or advice on what to do.

I don't think changing strings will decrease the value. Change the strings and play the hell out of it. 40 year old strings are pretty useless i bet lol.
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in my opinion changing strings of an old guitar is like changing oil on a vintage car, it is necessary for the guitar to sound good and will not lower its value. if you play it frequently, its good to change strings and clean the fretboard from time to time, but be careful
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I'd change them, no one will know the difference between dull 40 year old strings and dull 6 month old strings.
Thanks for all of the speedy responses.

I think in regards to what darrell said in being careful with the procedure I will have it done professionally by a local guitar shop. Considering its old age I think it would be better off handled by somebody who cares for and maintains guitars for a living. Hopefully I can get this done today; I know I'll be blown away by the improvement.

Thanks to everyone.
yep, no worries about changing strings. if anything the old smelly strings will get you less if you tried to sell it nobody wants to see an old guitar abused by having 40 year old strings on it. change them!
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Get the shop to show you how to change the strings and then change them yourself next time. I doubt you will damage the guitar just by changing strings and you will need to change them again in the future anyway. (Strings don't last forever)
Thanks for all the advice.

Yeah I stuck around and made sure everything went smoothly. Strings are changed action lowered a bit sounds exquisite. I can pretty well manage changing out my strings myself I've done it several times with my other guitars I was just overly cautious with this guitar considering its age and emotional importance. And on the plus side I learned a little more history about this family heirloom then I already knew. Was definitely a good move.

Thanks again!