Hello everyone, I recently bought guitar pro.
I went and downloaded a Xenochrist tab by The Faceless. When I hit play an error message comes up that says:

'Erreur de verification d'etendue'

don't ask me why it isn't in English.. I set it so the warnings would be in English..

In any case I can't play along with the tab.. any suggestions on how to get it to play???

Guitar Pro gets that message quite a lot. Make sure you've upgraded to the latest version (presuming you've got a legal version here), and if that doesn't work try uninstalling and reinstalling the program.
Well the problem is on that tab.
I've tried to open it in GP4 and GP5 and I get the same problem.
Don't worry, your guitar pro is fine
I only get it when I rapidly press the space bar for no reason, or If i tab out a timing issue.
its that tab...
It has some type of error and ive never been able to get it running... You can still read it though
Woot! New Zealand...
Thanks guys...
I really wish that tab would work, its a lot more fun playing along with guitar pro
I get it too once in a while, even when I'm actually tabbing stuff out. Most of the time it doesn't do anything, but every once in a while it'll cause GP to crash. Hope they're working on a fix for the next version.

By the way, it's in French as the development team is French.
I've had that happen with Guitar Pro, too. One way to fix it that often (but not always) works is to copy all of the tracks in the disfunctional tab and paste them into a new tab. Just highlight each complete track, open a new tab and paste the track into the new empty one. Then add a track to the new piece and repeat the process until all of the tracks are copied into a new piece. Many times, the new one plays through just fine. See if it solves your problem.