hey my fellow ugers

The music i write is guitar music comparable in style to john 5, michael angelo batio, rusty cooley kinda stuff.

Lately i have noticed how many of these players use the neck pickup rather than the bridge pickup and if im not mistaken its because it gives them a more fluid flowing type sound rather than such a percussive type sound. i play a fender stratocaster model and run it through a rocktron silver dragon tubed distortion pedal to my peavey bandit 75.

I am one of those people who cant stand being called a conformist or someone telling me that sounds just like john 5 etc. I always strive to sound completely different than anyone else because i believe that succes comes from standing out and not fitting in.

I have always used the bridge pickup for leads but lately i have been wanting to switch to the neck pickup for my leads to give me a more fluid sound rather than such a percussive choppy sound.

So i guess im just wanting some opinions on whether or not it would seem like i am conforming to what other people do if i made the switch. im just worried that while it makes my leads sound better people will say "you just switched because thats what everyone else is doing". i just need some opinions, i would love to post some audio clips so you could compare but i dont have anything to record myself playing onto my computer. so just tell me what you think, cuz while it might be a dumb question, it would really just help me make the decision if i knew what other people thought. thanks guys!

P.S. sorry for the long ass explanation but as you can tell im pretty OCD when it comes to my guitar playing lol.
Don't worry about trying to not "conform" or "fit in". Do what you think sounds good. If many people do it, who cares? Same with if no one does it, it's still your preference.
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Dude it's whatever sounds good to you... Think about it, there are only a certain amount of pickup types and pickup combinations, blah blah... So at any given time you will be using the same pickups, same guitar, same pedal as someone else. Don't worry about conforming or standing out, just be yourself. If you want to use your neck pick up for a more fluid tone then do it.
It's not the settings, or the pickup selection or even the guitar or amp or pedals. It's what you do with it that makes you stand out. The average person has no clue what a pickup even is, much less what one sounds like next to the other. Just do whatever sounds best to you man.
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If you have a universal tone knob or a bridge tone knob, you can turn it down to cut away the choppy trebly sound of the bridge pickup. Gives it a pretty fluid sound, but not as fluid and warm as the neck pickup.