Working on sunshine of your love solo, got it down pretty good except these notes

Pretty easy, except the 9,b9 at the same time, Do I just barre it and bring it up, it just doesn't sound right.
what? you bend the note and have another finger on the other. are you serious?
I'd use my 1st finger for the 7th fret, and 3rd finger for the 9th fret on D & G strings, and then I'd put my pinky on the 9 on the B string and bend the G using my 3rd finger still on the 9th (sorry if this sounds confusing)
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Only bend the 9 on the G string. Just play the 9 on the b.


In more detail: you should fret the G string with your middle finger and the B with your pinky.
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Bend the 9 up, and then with your pinky play the 9 underneath it. These can be referred to as double stops.