I bought the Presonus Firewire and Reaper crashes as soon as it loads it, it's installed and i can hear it all on the mixer/settings. Reaper don't load it at all.
maybe Reaper just doesn't work together with PreSonus, like Proo-Tools doesn't work with other interfaces than digidesign, try it with Cubase LE4, therse's even a manual on their homepage about how you setup your PreSonus with Cubase. After installing Cubase go to following page:
http://www.presonus.com/products/productListing.aspx?ListingType=1 then choose the product you have, click manuals, and then choose "Setting up Cubase LE 4 with your PreSonus Recording Interface"
I use Reaper with a Presonus Inspire - it works fine. Reaper really doesn't NOT WORK with any certain hardware - it's only Pro Tools that has hardware requirements. It's not Reaper Dude - it's something else - also what model Presonus do you have - it's not a Presonus Firewire - Firewire is not a model it's a TYPE OF INTERFACE... is it an INSPIRE? What exactly is the model name?
Now running an Eleven Rack with Pro Tools 10.3.3 - it's amazing and I'm having ball with it - worth every penny. PT 10 is tops IMO and the Eleven Rack is a work of art!